Pleasing to the eye, sturdy to the step

The most important properties of a staircase are practicality and safety. A staircase should also be attractive and fit your individual style; a decorative furnishing dimensioned specifically for your home. Lappiporras achieves these goals thanks to a professional staff, the latest technology and competent service.

Lappiporras staircases are manufactured from high-quality timber.  Pine and birch remain the ever-popular choices for Finns. Oak and ash create a modern atmosphere in any space. All staircases are treated with stain or lacquer or are painted white. We do not compromise on quality, but rather, our aim is to further improve our operations. Our experienced personnel and product certification guarantee a quality result, every time.

Site-specific design

Each staircase is designed on the basis of standard models and manufactured in accordance with specific dimensions for its intended site. The standard staircase dimensions are listed on the technical data and request an offer pages.

Once you have supplied us with the floor plans and dimensions of the intended site, and expressed your wishes and needs, we will design an attractive staircase using the industry’s latest technology.

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LED-lights give a finishing touch for Your stairs!